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KHB Kunsthalle Below (english version)

A stable became an arts hall, that is used today by artists, craftsmen, amateurs, freelancers and the local people of Below enjoying the extraordinary of this simple place to do their work. Because certainly the past is relevant and visible here. And that is, what makes her special, the arts hall: vibrancy, its natural surrounding, silence, freshness and great poetic presence.
The KHB is a grand old lady, who deserves respect. She is, where she is. Hidden behind the gentle hills underneath the great clouds at the verge of the village’s soul. With a clear voice I promise: the KHB is a magic place!” February 18th 2015, Stefie Steden
We offer:
  • Work stays
  • Shared atelier
  • artists in residence
  • magic place
  • laboratory / workshop / teststage
  • Room for exhibitions and retreats
  • salon / consultation room
  • archive / fund
  • projects in cooperation
  • participative events
  • experimental accommodation
We are sorry, right now this is the only english text, for more information you can write us a mail, please!