Künstler*innen Residenzprogramme
im Sommer „Minimales Reisen“ in Below

Wir freuen uns auf unsere KHB Artists Residency-Programme 2022.
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Allgemeine Details zu Aufenthalten und Bewerbungen findest du auf dieser Seite. Programmspezifische Details stehen jeweils in den Beschreibungen der verschiedenen Residency-Programme, ebenso dort: Angaben zu Beiträgen/Gebühren/Preisen.
Jedes Programm entsteht in enger Zusammenarbeit mit AG Minimales Reisen.
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Looking for Minimal Travelling Artists in Berlin

Artist Residency Programme
KHBstudios Berlin Wedding 24 march – 7 april 2022 – ‚Open Call‘ until 10 march 2022 linktr.ee/khb_studioshttps://minimalesreisen.de/resi-bln-2022/kunsthallebelow.de/studios/
We love minimal travelling*.
For the next Artist Residency in our 56m² KHBstudios we are looking for working artists from Berlin and everywere. Genres: writing, drawing, photography, performance, object, action, book art etc.
* The AG Minimales Reisen (= german ‚minimal travelling‘) is an anti-elitist artists‘ initiative. Its aim is to bring together different positions and make them visible. It understands travel as a central cultural technique of our time. It uses its enticing mechanisms – climate-neutral in the „near distance“ – to initiate and support various process- and research-oriented formats. The core of the AG’s interest is developed in the here and now. With experimental approaches we experience the „moment of distance“. We call it travelling.

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